Wednesday, September 30, 2009

David Choe

Street Collages

I would see this piece on the scaffolding on my way to the subway every morning, curious to know who and why it was placed there. Now I know the work belongs to MOMO, artist from Brooklyn. Below are other works by MOMO that I dig.

Espeis "June" from MOMO

Latest by Sam3

Sam3 stopped in Mid September to do a Collab work with MOMO in LIC, NYC. Also check out his latest canvas pieces done with Acrylic and coal. Big fan of his work.

Transition States

Rafael Lozano Hemmer Chandelier

Rafael Lozano Hemmer at Haunch of Venison

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 'Transition States' currently showing at Haunch of Venison, NYC

Underscan 2005, Lincoln, UK

Monday, September 28, 2009

Art Under the Bridge

Miguel Ovalle

Muslim Punk in USA by Kim Badawi

Ian Trask

Ian Task from Jun Lee on Vimeo.

Visiting Coby

3 above pieces are work in progress

Saw my buddy Coby Kennedy this weekend at his studio and he showed me his new paintings (revisiting the Old Master's style) and talked about his work, inspiration and his view on music videos.

The Experience of Green

Unlike the title of the exhibition, the experience was quite 'Red', simulating an experience of walking through a living organism or a burning forest. Walking into Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen's installation at DAC was my favorite part of DUMBO Art Under the Bridge fair this weekend. The multi layered, textured, labyrinth of old Tree trunks are made entirely of paper. The magnificent impact of the color, size and the incredible texture of the paper that simulates life can only be perceived in person. A must see! Exhibition is showing through November 29, 2009.


I saw this installation at Smack Mellon Gallery during my outing at Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Fair this weekend. This installation consists of a 28 foot landscape constructed with approximately 2700 plastic bottles collected by the artist on the streets of Brooklyn. Ellen Driscoll showing at Smack Mellon Gallery through November 4th, 2009. Info click here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Porn Art

Came across this video at Wooster Collective and made me laugh out loud. It's a bit kitschy but really funny.
Jonathan Yeo


A collaborative stop motion/time lapse animation by Blu and David Ellis year 2009

Another time lapse of Blu working on a mural at FAME

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival

DUMBO Art under the bridge festival is happening this weekend from Friday 6-9, Sat and Sunday 12-9pm.

This is a great opportunity to see and support the Art community in BK/New York. There are studio visits and non stop indoor/outdoor programs(live art) all weekend.
it's definitely a great thing to see.

For additional Info, program and Map go here