Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ghada Amer at Cheim & Read

Through June 19, 2010
547 West 25th Street, New York.

At first glance, Amer's pieces of thread interwoven into canvas look like beautiful abstractions but upon further inspection, the explicit subject matter becomes alive. Amer is an Egyptian artist whose erotic embroidered motifs celebrate female sexuality in all its pleasurable forms. The imagery she uses, also addresses the exploitation of women worldwide similar to the territoriality that begins many wars and geo-political divisions.

Mark Fox at Larissa Goldston

Through June 26, 2010
530 West 25th St, 3rd Fl, New York.

The exhibition titled MONSTR is the gallery's third solo show by Mark Fox. The installation-based exhibition including large cut-paper works, video and cut-steel is shapely patterns that morph together and grow apart. One of his works is on the 11th floor lobby for your viewing pleasure.

Barbara Bloom at Tracy Williams Ltd.

Through June 30, 2010
521 West 23rd Street, New York.

Bloom is an American sculptor who creates colorful, playful objects with streamlined sophistication.

Kiki Smith at The Pace Gallery

Through June 19, 2010
545 West 22nd Street, New York.

Kiki Smith is an established American artist often classified as feminist for her heavily female-oriented subject matter. Her work revolves around sexuality, anatomy, the human condition, socio-political injustices, and gender issues.In this series she explores women's life cycle using mouth-blown stained-glass panels the translucency of the material evoking a sense of transition.

Rodney Graham at 303 Gallery

Through July 2, 2010
547 West 21st Street, New York.

Graham is a Canadian artist whose works are optical explorations of perception.They are candid and intimate as well as cinematic, similar to the intimacy brought onscreen while watching a dramatic film. His works are complex with an underlying sense of familiarity, snapshots of performance pieces where the audience finds themselves more voyeurs than viewers.

Claudio Ethos

Claudio Ethos is an established artist whose euphoric, engaging work can be seen all around the tri-state area.

Scott Musgrove at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Through June 12, 2010
529 West 20th Street, 9th floor, New York.

Musgrove is an American artist who creates surreal paintings and sculptures in an exaggerated style. His work is satirical and sardonic, with provocative titles and other-wordly subject matter, darwinian in nature as well as soft and sensual.

Make Yourself at Home at 7Eleven Gallery

Through June 6, 2010

169 10th Avenue, New York.

Make Yourself At Home is a new group exhibition presented by 7Eleven Gallery is a temporary space at 169 Tenth Avenue that showcases the work of young, emerging artists along with established contemporary artists.

The space is open to the public literally with no walls aligning the entrance evoking a sense of welcome and freedom to walk-through the space. Every medium of art can be found from painting and sculpture to mixed media and video art.

Furthermore, there is a gift shop with an array of smaller works, clothing, books and CDs and other not readily available merchandise for viewers to take home with them.

Richard Hughes at Anton Kern

Through July 3, 2010
532 West 20th St. New York.

Hughes is a British Artist born in 1974 who gather an assortment of ordinary everyday objects and juxtaposes them to make assemblage pieces that represent statements on contemporary pop-culture. His sculptures are beautiful and melancholic and include both organic and man-made materials.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Language

Ogilvy & Mather will be hosting New Language the third in a series of art installations at its new office space – The Chocolate Factory -- with a show featuring the work of 14 emerging and established contemporary artists.

New Language explores the construct of language, its persistent ambiguity and the shifting character of language in the age of new media. The work featured represents a diverse range of artistic styles ranging from political textiles, photography that indexes arcane textual works, and large sculptural installations that employ portions of texts as building blocks.

In commenting on Ogilvy & Mather’s support for the arts, Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Creative Director said, “We are a company of artists, writers, designers, and creative people who use creativity to drive commerce. Our employees need to always be looking for inspiration and art is the ultimate medium for new forms of expression.”

Artists featured include Lisa Anne Auerbach, A.J. Bocchino, Iván Capote, Seong Chun, R. Luke DuBois, Mark Fox, Joshua Gurrie, Yael Kanarek, Glenda León, Danica Phelps, Alyssa Pheobus, Mickey Smith and Rachel Perry Welty, We feel fine (Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar). The exhibition is being curated by Jun Lee of Ogilvy & Mather New York. It will be on display at Ogilvy & Mather, “The Chocolate Factory,” on floors 4 and 8-11, from May 19 to October 15, 2010.

Monday, May 3, 2010


May 01 — May 29, 2010
18 Wooster Street, New York

Deitch Projects is pleased to present May Day, an exhibition of new work by Shepard Fairey, as its final project. Titled not only in reference to the day of the exhibition’s opening, the multiple meanings of May Day resonate throughout the artist's new body of work. Originally a celebration of spring and the rebirth it represents, May Day is also observed in many countries as International Worker's Day or Labor Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations coordinated by unions and socialist groups. “Mayday” is also the distress signal used by pilots, police and firefighters in times of emergency.-Deitch projects