Sunday, January 17, 2010


William Powhida

Brooklyn, NY, based William Powhid
a satirizes the art world from the perspective of an insider. He is blatant about dichotomies in society, and the contribution of celebrity worship. Powhida's work supports the belief that Pop culture and the avant-garde have melded.

In this detail from "ABMB Hooverville" (printed in The New York Times), he compares Art Basel Miami Beach, to a Hooverville. It was exhibited at Pulse Art, Miami, a satellite to the destination art fair.

Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi, Postcards from the World is at Lombard-Freid Projects through February 20th.

Perjovschi captures a multitude of expression with a minimum of line. He sums up poignant social and political commentaries into humorous cartoon-like sketches. Born in an autocratic Romania, now a renowned artist on the international circuit, these postcard sized drawings arranged in grids, are a narrative of his travels.

William Kentridge

Master draftsman William Kentridge uses alter egos Felix Teitlebaum and Soho Eckstein to explore issues of post-apartheid politics in his native South Africa. In this film, the reworking and erasure of charcoal drawings is documented with stop animation. While the characters survey and re-chart abused land, Kentridge defines a figurative role for the artist in society, that of healer.

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