Monday, April 5, 2010

Yuken Teruya @ Josee Bienvenu Gallery

Josée Bienvenu Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition featuring a video installation, new sculptures, and photographs by Yuken Teruya, continuing the artist's poetic investigation into the meaning of nationality and the fluid boundaries between cultures and objects. The 5 channel video installation Earn A Lot of Money; No Need Send Any Letter; Send Money Home First, is a maze of overturned cardboard moving boxes, some containing video projections, some housing projectors and speakers. As one navigates this Hooverville, the videos document the journey of small paper boats, fitted with Japanese, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and American flags, as they travel along the gutter of a street in Brooklyn’s low-rent melting pot of Bushwick. The title of the piece references a common early 20th century colloquial farewell at the Okinawa docks as ships carried family members away to South America in search of a better life.

The exhibition also features new sculptural work from his
Dawn series as well as his paperbag cut-out sculptures.

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