Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misc during Armory week 2011

Bask Mural in Williamsburg @ Roebling
Bask painting
How&Nosm Mural @ Fillmore and Roebling
Tes One on Roebling
Ryan McGuiness @ Boom Boom room at the Standard
Ryan McGuiness
Ryan McGuiness
Aiko rooftop @ The Standard
Aiko @ the Rooftop of The Standard
Ian Francis @ Josh Liner Gallery
Ian Francis
Ian Francis
Jose Parla opening @ Bryce Wolkowitz
Jose Parla mural
Jose Parla phone
Andy Kehoe@ Jonathan Levine Gallery
Gary Baseman @ Jonathan Levine Gallery
Gary Baseman
Gary Baseman
Arturo Herrera @ Sikkema Jenkins
Arturo Herrera@ Sikkema Jenkins
Duke Reiley @ Magnan Mertz
Duke Reiley
Duke Reiley
Crzysztof Wodiczko @ Gallery Lelong
Tara Donovan @ Pace
Tara Donovan
Hirashi Sawa @ James Cohan
Hirash Sawa
Hirashi Sawa

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