Monday, February 8, 2010

Darwinism 2.0

To my wife Alma with Love, 2008

At Most Sphere, 2008

Troels Carlsen
works with and distorts our social, biological and historical heritage. Themes such as Darwin, alpha males, group mentality and the political and religious arena are strong undercurrents in his works. In a strange mixture between ape and man, he questions our evolution and our notion of superiority.

Troels Carlsen manipulates with genes resulting in a fusion between chimpanzees and gibbons on one side and the human body on the other. This genetic hybrid makes it difficult to distinguish man from animal and animal from man. In a new series of appropriated works made from vintage anatomy posters and encyclopaedia (many of them incorrect as they were based on the knowledge of the time they were created) Troels questions the notion of given truths and facts. In these works surreal worlds emerge from the rigorous formality of the original work.

For more information on Troel's work, visit his website.

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