Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Needle Cushion: 1000
1000 needles, cotton fabric, silk thread, sawdust 6"x3"x3"

Reflexive Zip
Zippers, thread, elastic cord, metal snaps, plastic tubing, wire, spring cord ends, adhesive

Tape Systems No3
Embossing tape, drinking straws, vinyl resin, acrylic dowels, adhesive

Iron-quick aluminum coated fabric, zippers, thread, rubber bumpers, wood, aerosol paint, metal hardware, adhesive

Pods I
1000 plastic baggies and plastic thread
size variable, individual pod: 5.5"x13"x13"

Once stripped of their "usefulness", I ask, "how do these objects or materials grow, now that they have lost their original function?". I imagine that the resulting components have their own bodies and though accumulation are intent upon working together to grow an even larger body. As in nature, where specific mathematical principles provide structure while allowing countless variations, I create strict boundaries that insure a pattern, but within which the outcome is ultimately unknown.... Kristina Lewis artist statement. For additional information on the artist click here

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