Monday, February 1, 2010

Mark Gibson, Misty Back

Matt Jones, Energy

Quick While Still
Heist Gallery

Press Release

Heist Gallery is pleased to present “Quick While Still,” a ‘pop-up’ exhibition of large-scale paintings by New York based artists Katherine Bernhardt, Kadar Brock, Mark Gibson, Matt Jones, John Newsom, and Wendy White. Their work will be exhibited in an exciting, unfinished space. One might even say that the rawness of the space itself is a reflection of the rawness of these artist’s ambitions. “Quick While Still” offers a chance to see their work stripped of the glamour of the highly polished white cubes of Chelsea.

The central theme running through “Quick While Still” is the idea of maintaining stillness in action. Each artist uses paint rather loosely, gesturally, in a way that is meant to call attention to the properties of the paint and the act (or action) of painting. There is a responsive/adaptive spirit that centers the show. The paintings on view range from representational and illusionistic to abstract and object-orientated.

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