Saturday, March 20, 2010


Chapter 2 from ¨La Puerta Abierta¨ series.
Saturday 17, April at 5 PM Gallery FIFTY24MX UPPER PLAYGROUND México City, Amatlán 105 Condesa,

These characters (The Blue Men) can be classified as the shamans of the eternal spirit walk. Messengers and keepers of alchemic formulas.

¨ We can indulge in the magic of what´s inside the doorways of there super selves ¨.

Seen in their bare essentials (sometimes with pants sometimes with flip flops), all metaphors of disguise, they move between worlds via the French Caribbean houses and only the those that raise there vibrational force can communicate with them.

They mix the potions of above so below never showing there human faces and silently stalking the landscape aware of the unseen beauty and potential of human beings.

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