Tuesday, March 2, 2010

size DOES matter...

Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal is the curator of The FLAG Art Foundation's latest exhibition and group show - Size DOES Matter, from February 19 - May 27, 2010. The exhibition features 39 different artists from Chuck Close to Willard Wigan.

Weighing 320 pounds and standing 7'1" atop his size 22 shoes, Shaq is one of the most dominant players ever to play in the NBA. Throughout his career, O'Neal has capitalized on his size and strength to overpower opponents for points and rebounds earning him nicknames such as Diesel and Superman. Now Shaq takes the opportunity to reflect on his size with an exhibition boasting works from microscopic to giant pieces that have the ability to dwarf and exaggerate everyone -- even Shaq himself.

Artists have readily utilized the element of size. Large and small objects require different approaches, elicit unique responses from their viewer, and reflect the varying purposes in which works of art were meant to serve. This dynamic exhibition will include a variety of mediums that play with scale as a key component in the composition of the artwork. Every work in the show was selected by Shaq himself or is being newly made at his request.

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