Monday, November 9, 2009

How to Blow yourself Up

CH:The title could be interpreted as how to gain fame, which people who blow themselves up in fact do accomplish. Was this double entendre made on purpose from the outset?
That’s a bit off the concept, a consequential accomplishment on their part... Funny, the double entendre is also consequential. There is a great deal left open for interpretation but this was really about getting into the heads of various individuals who may not usually or stereotypically attach [themselves] to such acts but who are equally desirous of controlling destiny. Isn’t death our ultimate destiny, therefore calculating the time and place gives [us] that power of control over fate

CH:Did you do a lot of research into making real bombs and their mechanical makeup to make your pieces as true to life as possible? 
WK:Just a bit of common sense. If you can connect a circuit you can build a bomb. So I guess a past talent for stripping motorcycles and rebuilding engines qualifies me to be a sort of bomb maker.

For those who don't share beliefs in the end-of-the-world theories, how can they still connect with the show?
WK:I think every human being has dedicated at least an instant of thought to addressing his/her self worth or purpose or effect on humanity, so that is really the common thought behind this concept.

CH:You've worked on such diverse projects from street art to merchandise. How was your approach different for the works in this exhibit? WK:My approach to gallery and street work is basically the same in terms of conveying my thoughts and my opinions, then observing the metamorphosis of the concept through the opinions/interpretations of others. One body of work leads to another, then you realize that you are continually building an infinite number of links from past projects, developing and refining ideas. 

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WK Interact: How to Blow Yourself Up, showing at Subliminal Projects Gallery, LA CA Nov7-Dec5th, 2009.

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