Monday, November 16, 2009

Printed Matter

Tom Beale introduced me to an artist who shares a studio in his building. Midori Harima. Midori collects images from books, magazines and the internet. and converts them into black and white copies then she fabricates hollow sculptures.  In her artist statement Midori explains "The hollow figure, its surface covered with fragments of Xeroxed images, corresponds to how we perceive objects in an information intensive society. By transferring symbolic media images into the sphere of actual existence I aim to shift from automatic, brain-centered understanding triggered by visual information to a holistic experience of seeing which accompanies corporeal and visceral sensation. This process is based on primal experiences from my childhood. I experienced media images and stories by directly relating to them as reality, not understanding them within a stable subject-and-object relationship; this frightened me and shook my foundation".  For additional images of Midori's work click here

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